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My Exact Age

As of now:

I have been living for 43 years, 1 months, and 25 days.
My age in months - 517 months
My age in weeks - 2251 weeks
My age in days - 15762 days
My age in hours - 378288 hours
My age in minutes - 22697280 minutes
My age in seconds - 1361836800 seconds
I've seen 10 leap years.



Thats a shit load of seconds!! lol

Want to appologize to you (and Chris too) for not being able to pay you guys back that money yet. Mom made me give her money toward food and for interent (i am on verge of being kicked out - need to find work asap!) And because Sept. 25th was my b-day I had to use a big chunk of the rest of the wedding photo money I made to renew my drivers license, plates, and registeration, and make a first payment on my car insurance (my 6 month policy just came up for renewal).

Every time I think I might catch up with things something else ends up happening to keep me behind.. grrrr.. I am sooo sorry. But will get you guys the money as soon as I can get it. Its bad enough owing a company money, but I really really hate owing friends money..

Hope all is well with you and that your classes are going well.. I miss you!
I miss you too!
Don't worry about the money, I've been there before.Neither of us are worried.
well it bothers me just the same.. even if you and Chris say not to worry about it! But now that I landed that job, I will have the money to pay you both back soon as I get a pay check! :)