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Nomadic Itch

Nomadic Itch

Nomadic Itch

Written by Cherie Ve Ard

Topics: Nomadic Lifestyle

While our nomadic spirit is constant, our desire to be in actual motion waxes and wans. We go through periods of constant motion, a new place every night or two.  And then we crave stillness to absorb what is around us and concentrate on momentum in other areas of our lives.  And when the nomad is still for too long, she eventually craves motion again.

It’s a nagging feeling that you’ve learned all you can for now at this location and you’re meant to be somewhere else, experiencing something new. It’s not a reflection of the current place at all – as great as the people are, as great as the scenery is, as perfect as the climate may be – it’s simply time to move on.

We’ve come to call that feeling the Nomadic Itch.

And its cure doesn’t come in a creme or pill form. When the itch hits, it’s simply time to move on. The nomad designs their life to be mobile for the ability to scratch that itch when it calls.

Nomads always know that nothing is permanent in their lives, and we must really appreciate the now. That’s why we sometimes feel compelled to fully embrace where we’re at, for we know the itch may flair up at anytime and we’ll be heading on down the road. Sometimes the feeling of unfinished business just doesn’t override the feeling of being still too long.

Some nomads may get the itch after just a couple days. Others may thrive best with several month long stays. Some have a lot of variability. There’s no formula for how much motion one must have to be a nomad.  The trick is being able to listen to yourself and find your own unique balance between motion and stillness, of routine and of change.

What’s your balance? How have you designed your life to respond to the itch when it hits?